Financial Protection: empowering individuals, businesses and employees with life skills in financial resilience.

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Financial survival is something we all need and relate to yet take for granted.

According to UK’s Financial Advice Market Review: Digital advancements will be the only way to help the millions of adults in the UK who do not have access to a financial adviser.

COVID-19: Latest job statistics show 819,000 fewer people in payrolled employment since the start of the coronavirus crisis in the UK. (Source: Sky News | December 2020)

UK sheds nearly 750,000 jobs during coronavirus pandemic crisis. Large number of workers are at risk of unemployment. (Source: Financial Times | August 2020)

financial resilience & sustainability

Everyone should have an opportunity to make informed financial decisions with confidence!
Whether you're an individual, a business owner or a self employed "gig worker", financial survival is something we all have in common.

Coronavirus has redefined our landscape introducing a new vulnerability and uncertainty to our economy. It has changed the way many of us think, act and want to protect ourselves and those around us. Financial survival is on everyone's agenda whether you're a self employed gig worker, a small to medium enterprise looking to keep afloat or, even part of a larger organisation that needs to adapt to this changing environment.

Financialearn, wants to help businesses looking to implement or improve financial safeguards in advance of unexpected life events by providing an online financial learning platform which allows everyone access to critical financial protection information.

Founder & CEO, Fina Mann: Financial security has never been more important to the working population. Our online platform helps you to identify your protection needs, and then we put you in touch with a team of protection specialists at UK's biggest and best life insurance broker, LifeSearch, to support you in arranging your cover.

With over 20 years in financial services, sharing experiences and professional insight to support others, gives me a sense of direction and purpose. By helping individuals build financial knowledge and confidence, they are better informed and well placed to take responsibility and ownership over their financial arrangements, which is an enormous win for all concerned parties."

Our Services

We provide free apps to help businesses, staff & employees and self-employed individuals with life skills in financial protection.

Wollow for individuals & employees

Uncovering ways to improve personal safeguards and reduce financial stress at work.

Introducing cost effective ways to empower individuals, employees and staff with impartial & objective financial knowledge to safeguard financial wellbeing.
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Training Workshop Resources

We provide training & resources in financial education which help staff to self-identify and take ownership of personal protection needs & goals.
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For self-employed individuals who are reliant their ability to generate income to look after themselves and their families.


Business financial protection helps you to maintain your lifestyle and retain financial dignity during unexpected life-changing events.

54% of small business owners don't have adequate insurance in place to protect themselves against the sudden loss of a key employee despite fears of being forced to cease trading immediately if a key person died or was unable to continue working through illness or injury. (Source: L&G)

99% of small businesses said they had at least one key person in their business that needed to be protected. (Source: L&G)

Fingig for Businesses (including gig workers)

Highlighting tax-efficient ways to protect your business and employees' financial longevity.

Providing unbiased impartial information & guidance to self-employed individuals on tax-saving plans that offer business & personal financial security.
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Fingig reasons why

Business protection is an area of financial advice that is often overlooked

We provide impartial information and guidance segmented into user friendly sessions

We are linked to UK's No. 1 Protection Advisory Specialists, LifeSearch, who are independently regulated and authorised by Financial Conduct Authority

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